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Rotary Valves

Rotary valves are used for shutting off, discharging or volumetric metering of bulk material from vessels or processes into downstream plant areas.

The operation mode of a rotary valve: a rotor (cellular wheel) equipped with several chambers rotates in the housing. The bulk material entering the chambers from above is conveyed by the motor-generated rotary motion to the outlet area, where it falls into the downstream plant section. This results in volumetrically continuous conveying; with the mass flow being determined by the volume of the rotor chambers and the speed of the cellular wheel.

The precisely designed gap between the rotor and the housing allows the bulk material to be transported while at the same time almost completely preventing air exchange between the inlet and outlet areas of the rotary valve. This feature makes this component an indispensable part of many bulk material systems: e.g., for feeding bulk materials into a pneumatic conveying system or for dust discharge beneath filter systems.

The wealth of experience gained in many decades of company history around this highlight of the KREISEL product portfolio and its famous quality help the KREISEL rotary valve to a still very high demand. Due to the field experience, constant innovation, and further development through tests in our own technical centre, the KREISEL rotary valve remains a guarantee of success for KREISEL and all its customers.

Product highlights
  • highest quality
  • deliverable in many sizes
  • special designs possible
  • individual wear protection
  • as device according to ATEX
  • as protective system according to ATEX
  • suitable for food
  • chemical resistance
Product specifications
Conveying capacity up to 1,000 m³/h
Temperature up to 800 °C
Construction sizes

70 mm - 2,500 mm

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Your contact person
Carsten Mevius Sales component manufacturing
Your contact person
Niklas Hohberger Head of branch Thierhaupten
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