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Silo Technology und Terminals

KREISEL plans, manufactures, delivers, and assembles complete silo plants for you on a turnkey basis.

The KREISEL engineers are experienced experts all along the line. From one source, you receive the complete engineering, all components, as well as the installation of the plant by our own assembly team - including commissioning.

In addition, KREISEL expertly designs the required silo equipment: from filling and filter technology to sensor systems and discharge and dosing technology. The KREISEL dosing roller, the KREISEL silo chute and the KREISEL DosFeed are used when required, thus making it possible that trucks, wagons, or ships can be loaded from the silos within a very short amount of time.

KREISEL also provides complete terminals for mixing and loading bulk materials. Depending on the desired storage capacity of the silos, these are concrete or steel silos, also fully equipped.



Product highlights
  • turnkey delivery
  • everything from one sorce
  • with steel construction and stair tower
  • optimal fluidization
  • incl. truck/wagon/ship loading
Product specifications
Storage capacity up to 3000 m³
Discharge capacity bis 300 m³/h
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Christian Wienberg Sales plant engineering
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