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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic conveying systems are used for dustproof, spatially economical, and flexible transport of bulk materials of all kinds

Here it must be assumed that the corresponding bulk material can be conveyed pneumatically. KREISEL can analyse this in its own technical centre.

Pneumatic conveying systems are used for conveying distances of more than 1,000m and conveying capacities of more than 200 t/h. KREISEL has different technical solutions at its disposal, which are used depending on the requirements. Different factors, such as conveying capacities, bulk material properties and conveying distances play a central role for the right choice of the appropriate infeed device.

In this context, feeders are high-pressure rotary valves, blow-through rotary valves, pressure vessel systems, jet conveyors or airlifts, all of which are manufactured by KREISEL in Germany. The accessory components required for the installation of complete conveying systems are also produced in-house.

Energy reduction and reduction of CO2 emissions play a central role nowadays, also when selecting the right pneumatic conveying technology.

The KREISEL specialists develop complete solutions for the modernization, optimization, or new installation of a modern and efficient pneumatic conveying system.


Product highlights
  • made in Germany
  • energy optimization
  • reduction of CO2-emissions
  • best possible wear protection
  • no dust emission
  • conveying of explosive bulk materials
  • small space requirement
Product specifications
Conveying distance > 1,000 m
Conveying capacity > 200 t/h
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KREISEL Technical Centre

We examine new, still unknown bulk materials for their conveyability and their conveying behaviour for the safe and efficient design of your pneumatic conveying system.


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