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Titelbild - Airlift (VertiFeed)

Airlift (VertiFeed)

Der KREISEL VertiFeed corresponds to the Airlift principle and is used for the vertical pneumatic transport of bulk materials.

The KREISEL VertiFeed operates without moving parts in the bulk material flow, which gives it several interesting advantages: highest reliability at low investment costs, as well as high conveying capacities and insensitivity to temperatures.

Often, the KREISEL VertiFeed is also used as a "stand-by" system for feeding silos or heat exchangers.

Product highlights
  • no moving parts
  • high availability
  • low investment costs
  • suitable for high temperatures
Product specifications
Conveying capacity up to ca. 1,000 t/h
Conveying distance up to ca. 150 m
Temperature up to 1000 °C
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Christian Wienberg Sales plant engineering
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