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Screw Heat Exchanger

Space-saving, clean, and efficient: Screw heat exchanger enable cooling, heating, or drying of bulk materials during the transport process.

With the KREISEL screw heat exchanger, the effective heating or cooling surface is tailored to your specific process engineering requirements. Depending on the design, individual or several of the assemblies in contact with the product are flowed through by the thermal fluid. If a screw shaft designed as a cooling tube is sufficient for low temperature differences and low mass flows, the troughs, trough lids, and inlets and outlets are also included for higher performance requirements.

In the top class, KREISEL screw heat exchanger with a double-walled helix, which is also flowed through, have proven their worth. Their high surface area actively increases the heat exchange.

Product highlights
  • individual production
  • extreme sizes possible
  • also multi-shafted
  • high performance range
  • several in- and outlets
  • high efficiency
  • wear protection
Product specifications
Construction sizes (standard) DN160 to DN900
Operating temperature up to 1,000 °C
Your contact person
Niklas Hohberger Head of branch Thierhaupten
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