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Screw Feeders

Tubular and trough screw feeders are used for dust-proof transport of bulk materials over short to medium distances. They can bridge height differences, equalize bulk material flows, and stop and regulate material flows.

Operation mode of a screw conveyor: A shaft rotates in a housing in the form of a tube or trough, around which one or more helically wound flat plates are wound. Due to the fit of the screw shaft to the housing and its rotary motion, the bulk material fed at the inlet is transported in a defined manner to the outlet and discharged there.

KREISEL screw feeders are used in almost all conveying and production plants. Due to the variety of possible applications, there are just as many challenges in the design of this conveying unit: mechanical, chemical, and thermal loads must be countered accordingly.

The experienced KREISEL experts will take over the competent design of the machine for you: the dimensioning of the inner tube, the design of the screw flights, the helix pitch as well as, of course, the selection of the suitable materials or material combinations – all tailored to your process requirements.

In addition to the basic design, there are other versions that make clever use of this conveying principle, which is as old as it is clever:

  • In screw heat exchangers, the products to be conveyed can be heated or cooled at the same time.
  • Screw bottoms are used to discharge large bulk quantities of difficult or poorly flowing products. Since several screw flights are arranged next to each other in a housing, a very good loosening effect is achieved.
  • Moistening screw feeders are used for moistening very fine, slightly dusty, and possibly environmentally harmful bulk materials, for example in ash handling in incineration plants.


Product highlights
  • up to ca. 8m without centre bearing
  • suitable for food
  • ATEX
  • revolving operation
  • several in- and outlets
Product specifications
Construction sizes (standard) DN100 to DN800 
Operating temperature up to 1,000 °C
ATEX Symbol
Your contact person
Carsten Mevius Sales component manufacturing
Your contact person
Niklas Hohberger Head of branch Thierhaupten
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