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Titelbild - High-Pressure Rotary Valves (RotoFeed)

High-Pressure Rotary Valves (RotoFeed)

KREISEL high-pressure rotary valves represent the latest state of the art. They are primarily used for the feeding of bulk materials into the pressurized conveying line.

Advancement through research: Due to technological progress and its innovative design, the KREISEL high-pressure rotary valve is able to replace the previously common single-feed systems such as screw pumps or pressure vessel systems in a highly profitable way.

The highest possible wear protection to date is achieved by high-precision lining ceramic elements. KREISEL achieves a particularly effective wear protection for special operating conditions with the specially developed UltraCarbide® armouring.

Depending on the requirements profile, a wide variety of wear protection systems (Wear Protect A-F) are used. Ceramic, with a Mohs hardness of 8.5 - 9.0, offers the best possible wear protection (for comparison: diamond has the highest known hardness of a naturally occurring mineral with Mohs 10).



Product highlights
  • latest state of the art
  • enormous energy saving potential
  • best possible wear protection
  • longest serving life
  • incl. seal gas monitoring
  • defined leakage gas discharge
Product specifications
Conveying capacity up to 200 m³/h
Temperature up to 200 °C
Pressure difference up to 1.5 bar
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