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Dome Valves

The KREISEL Dome valve is a high-pressure resistant shut-off valve.

The KREISEL dome valve is used wherever high differential pressures have to be sealed without leakage in processes or pneumatic conveying lines.

Its main field of application is pressure vessel conveying, where it is preferably used as inlet and/or outlet valve. The advantages of the KREISEL dome valve result from the 100% available cross-section in the opening condition - thus the usual disadvantages such as bridging and high wear are avoided.

Another possible application is the use as a conveying line diverter. Here, a Y-pipe section is fitted with two dome valves.

An electric or pneumatic actuator swivels the shut-off dome in front of the inlet cross-section, in which a rubber seal inflates and immediately ensures absolutely safe pressure shut-off.






Product highlights
  • 100% opened cross-section
  • low wear
  • especially for high pressure differences
Product specifications
Differential pressures up to 16 bar
Construction sizes DN100 to DN500
ATEX Symbol
Your contact person
Carsten Kasper Head of plant-engineering construction
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