KREISEL Technical centre

With the objective of continuous further improvement of our products on the one hand, and the progress towards optimal solutions for tricky bulk material on the other hand, a test plant was put into operation on the premises of the KREISEL GmbH & Co.KG in 2013.

The technical centre involves the main components of pneumatic conveyor systems with measuring devices, as well as other components for conveying, dosing and dedusting.

We at KREISEL emphasize the high quality standard of our research work and guarantee, for external test trial with this system, a binding academic standard. A testing laboratory for bulk solids completes the technical centre, and allows you to test and optimize your conveyor options before designing and commissioning the conveyor system.

The possibilities for KREISEL, customers and our market companions

  • Pneumatic conveying tests
  • Dedusting tests
  • Experiments with bulk solids and dusts
  • Determine / improve design bases
  • Test and optimize components
  • Individual test setups

Components / test stands


feed-in point
filter-test station

bulk material bin
laboratory for inhouse analyzes


Expansion of the KREISEL Technical Centre


Icon ATEX, Icon Verschleißfest

Pneumatic conveyance

  • 2 x 160m conveying pipes in DN 80 and DN 100
  • up to 1 bar discharge pressure, up to 900 m³/h and theoretically 50 m/s initial velocity
  • 24 pressure sensors along the conveying pipes
  • detailed process data records
  • visual check via horizontal/vertical glass pipe
  • ideal designs determined regarding pressure loss, wear and energy consumption
  • pressure loss coefficients specific to bulk materials determined for issues around scaling up

Filter test stand

  • KREISEL bag filters and compact plate filters with online cleaning
  • filter surface up to 45 m², variable filtering velocity up to limits
  • collection efficiency and pressure losses, energy and compressed air consumption determined
  • life-cycle costs optimised
  • design data determined for your application

Component tests

  • rotary valves, screws, KREISEL DOME VALVE®, sliders and much more
  • extremely wear-resistant KREISEL ceramic rotary valve
  • gas leak measurements on rotary valves with / without product

Bulk material analysis (selection)

  • water content
  • grain size distribution with RRSB diagram
  • bulk density, tap density & fluidised densities
  • angle of repose, silo parameters and microscopic grain size determined

Expansion of the KREISEL Technical Centre

The test track had the following requirements:

  • Modular design as well as quickly demountable and mountable
  • Use of standard parts for the course of the pipe
  • Use of the conveying elements from the technical centre for bulk material
  • Gentle extraction of the material from the air flow
  • Measurement of the process data (pressures, volume flow and mass flow rate)


New test track (DN200)

feeding of material about forklift
pressure sensor at feed-in point
release to IBC Container

conveying pipeline

  • about 245m
  • Size DN200
  • Sections of 2.000 mm
  • 5 curves of 90°
  • Connected with clamping rings