KREISEL Slide gate

Slide gates are used as locking, metering and safety components below dosing and in process engineering systems of the bulk material technology. Our slide gate series(engineered at Kreisel) is made for extreme and complicated operating conditions. The specific design of the KREISEL slide gates is based on the system-specific operating conditions and bulk material properties.

KREISEL slide gates are designed as knifegate valves with rectangular or rounded crosssection. KREISEL produces a wear-resistant construction from profile steel frame, slidingplate with bearing, sealing system and driveunit. The profile steel frame is designed asflange on the inlet and outlet side. According to the requirements, the sliding plate can be moved by means of actuating drive, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, gear motor or hand wheel.

KREISEL Slide gate


wear-resistant construction
special sizes feasible
pressure shock resistant construction

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