Ceramic rotary valves

KREISEL Ceramic Rotary Feeders are the latest state of the art rotary feeders. Their highly wearresistant lining with ceramic elements reduces the wear to conventional rotary feeders by amultiple. Depending on requirement profile different wear protection systems (Wear ProtectA-F) are available. Ceramic places with a Mohshardness of 8.5 - 9.0 (for comparison: Diamond has the highest known hardness of a naturally occurring mineral with Mohs 10) the optimum wear protection. Further advantages are the lateral inspection openings. By the inspection openings the wear condition between rotor sidedisks and housing can be checked in built-instate of the rotary feeder.

Product highlights

newest state of the art
for excharge of screw-pumps
longest lifetime without maintenance
low energy consumption

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