Self-cleaning rotary valves

Selfcleaning-rotary-valves are used to discharge of bulk materials who are bad fluent, humid, pasty and sticky - with constant volume flowrate or to volumetrically dosing out of containers in the following plant. Different design sizes for flow rates up to 750 t/h, are proved in many process plants of different industries. KREISEL selfcleaning rotary valves, manufactured explosion pressure resistant, are certificated for an explosion surge up to 10 bar. Flame arrest manufactured the valves are perfect applicableas a protection system, certificated according ATEX. Selfcleaning rotary valves will customized design accordingly the especially conditions of use. According the special features of the bulkmaterial will customized the wear protection concept.

Product highlights

frame sized up to rotordiameter 2400mm
individual concepts of wear protecting
special designs for special applications

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