Rotary valves

The rotating rotor takes up bulk material under the inlet opening and filling his cells.By the rotational movement the bulk material have been conveyed to the outlet. Due to the gravitational force the material fall out at the followed plant area. Thus arised a continuous volumetrically conveying. The output is depend from the volume of the cells and the rotationspeed of the rotor. Gas flow due to difference pressure between inlet and outlet will minimized due to closely clearance between rotor anhousing.

This results in a volumetrically continuous conveyance. The conveying capacity defines the contents of the rotary cells and the rotorspeed. The direction of flow and counter-flow of the conveyor system with particular differencesin pressure are effectively separated from each other by means of the small tolerance between casing and rotor.

Rotary valve

Rotary valves are used for delivering bulk material with constant volume flow-rate out of containers to connected plant components or conveying systems and for dosing.


Self-cleaning rotary valves

Selfcleaning-rotary-valves are used to discharge of bulk materials who are bad fluent, humid, pasty and sticky - with constant volume flow rate or to volumetrically dosing out of containers in the following plant.


Ceramic rotary valves

KREISEL wear-resistant ceramic rotary valves are characterized by high performance, high flow-rate and durability, which is, depending on the conveyed material, around the factor 10 to 20 compared to the steel locks.