KREISEL Pneumatic conveyance

KREISEL pneumatic conveying systems are best adepted for conveying every kinds of bulk materials. Conveyor distances over 1,000 meter and conveying rates more than 100 t/h can be realized. Every conveying system will be customised for the special kinds of customer requirements and with an optimum energetic efficiency level. As loading or feed-in componentsare usable: rotary valve, pressure vessel, jet conveyor or screwconveyor comes from the KREISEL manufacturing. The deposit at the point of reception will be realised by KREISEL filtration systems.

A pneumatic conveying plant is composed by:

• Compressed air generation (using of nitrogen or other gases are possible)
• Infiltration area (at this point the bulk material will fall into the pressured conveying pipe)
• System of conveying pipes
• Point of material reception