KREISEL Double flap gate

Double flap gates are used to seal vacuum chambers with simultaneous discharging of dust-based and flowing material. KREISEL double flap gates are particularly suitable for discharging of highly abrasive bulk materials at the basic industry as well as the chemical industry: minerals, nature stone, ash, cement, ceramics and coal.

The operating principle of the flap gate valve is that two flap gates in a fixed housing open and close alternately. The mechanical system is driven by a gear motor. By means of the gear unit, the reciprocal opening and closing is controlled. In each case, a flap seals the system against false air inflow at diverse pressure ratios, even as the other opened flap is channelled the materials. Drivetrains have been realizing motorized, hydraulically, counterweighted or pneumatically.

KREISEL Double pendelum gate


product loading free of leakage air
minimal wear behavior
easy maintenance
long service life